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    Bad Boys 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot And We Know Everything

    With a weak crop of Super Bowl openers, Sony and Columbia’s Bad Boys for Life Has Been the top movie on Friday with Approximately $5.3 million. That is a mere 42% drop from last Friday’s $8.9 million gross, bringing its 15-day national cume around $136 million. It is going to pass the 138.6 million domestic cume of Bad Boys II (in 2003) at the end of the sentence, making it (sans inflation) Will Smith’s most massive R-rated movie ever.

    Presuming it will not get sacked by the Super Bowl tomorrow) will earn about $17.7 million (-48%) in its third weekend. That’ll give it a 17-day cume of $148 million, or only over the $146 million domestic cume (from a $39 million Fri-Mon MLK weekend launch in 2009) of Sony’s Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

    It’ll be the biggest-grossing”brand new” January release, not counting Oscar year expansions like American Sniper ($350 million), Chicago ($171 million), or Hidden Bodies ($170 million) of all time. No, that doesn’t account for inflation. Star Wars: Special Edition earned $137 million in January of 1997, which could be approximately $260 million adjusted. It was the biggest grosser in January for a couple of years. When it passes the $177 million, it’ll also be past the inflation-adjusted enjoys of Cloverfield ($80 million in 2008/$118 million adjusted), The Green Hornet ($98 million in 2010/$113 million adjusted), Kung Fu Panda 3 ($143 million in 2016/$151 million adjusted), Ride Together ($134 million in 2014/$148 million) and Paul Blart: Mall Cop ($146 million in 2009/$177 million corrected ), but not M.A.S.H. ($81 million in 1970/$479 million adjusted).

    Passing the Kung Fu Panda 3’s $517 million worldwide cume(including $154 million in China) is less of a sure thing. Bad Boys For Life is holding nicely, partly thanks to lackluster content, but it’s likely to encounter birds of Prey following Friday. The embargo drops on that DC Films flick on Wednesday afternoon, but, um… I could assert you can and should buy your advance tickets HERE or even HERE. Warner Bros. held back that next Birds of Prey trailer until after the pre-Rise of Skywalker trailer blitz. It ended up playing as a significant trailer for its (also R-rated) Bad Boys 3, which paid off enormous when the Bad Boys sequel turned into arguably the very first (live-action) honest-to-goodness blockbuster in contemporary January history.

    Bad Boys 3 must fall less on the weekend three than Keanu Reeves’ John Wick: Chapter 3 (-54percent despite a Memorial Day weekend buffer). Still, it is going to drop just a bit more than (in various third parties ) Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible – Fallout (-45%), Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham’s Hobbs & Shaw (-44%) and Cruise’s Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (-39%). About projected 17-day totals, the Will Smith/Martin Lawrence action-comedy will be appropriate between John Wick: Chapter 3 ($124 million), Hobbs & Shaw ($134 million), Rogue Nation ($138 million) and (way ahead of the pack) Fallout ($161 million). John Wick 3 did not regain its post-debut footing till its fourth weekend. Marcus and Mike will be confronting friends and Harley Quinn beginning on its fourth weekend.

    Presuming it follows the course of the movies, it is still on track for a national gross between $205 million and $175 million. So, yes, it could pass the $192 million adjusted-for-inflation total of Bad Boys II in the end, if not (barring a miracle) the $214 million corrected cume of Enemy of the State ($110 million in 1998). Yes, it might take a hit from Birds of Prey next weekend, but potentially only next weekend. If The Meg and Mission: Impossible – Fallout can both thrive concurrently in July/August of 2018, I’m of the mind that a well-reviewed/well-liked Bad Boys For Life and a (theoretically) well-reviewed/well-liked Birds of Prey can equally live their proverbial best lives, especially with minimal competition between now and March.


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