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    Battlefield 6 Release Date, Platforms And About The Game

    Consider the current lockdown, nothing to do at home, just being bored and sitting ideal. Well, not to worry anymore. Just grab your seats, make your gaming devices ready, plug the earphone, and finally just fly into a different world of gaming.

    Hola gamers, Battlefield is all set for its new part in the gaming industry. After its exciting and adventurous five parts, finally, the journey still continues with the sixth. Let us know more about Battlefield 6.


    The battlefield is one of the most exciting games online shooting games, that focuses on different timelines starting from first world war to the second, and also the imaginary futuristic wars will advanced weapons. The amazing graphics and the gameplay have always won the hearts of the fans.

    Being one of the most liked games, the 6th season of the game is expected to continue its journey with big maps, big vehicles, and nevertheless big weapons. Being an online real-time game, it has always been a top priority for most of the gamers. After all who doesn’t enjoy real-time gameplay with real opponents rather than the bots.

    All the gamers are equally excited, but wait to check the system requirements, so that you won’t have to wait for anymore after the release.


    The official release of the game on different platforms is not yet confirmed. However seeing the high graphics and requirements of the previous games, we can expect it to be on PS5 and Xbox Series X. Although no official news is out.


    Considering the recent updates of Battlefield 5, the makers,DICE, are constantly working for the new season and in such a short interval, the release seems to be difficult. However,as per a few rumors, it can be expected to be released by mid or late-2021.


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