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    Big Discount of INR 15,000 on all BS-4 Vespa And Aprilia Scooters

    Piaggio is offering INR 15,000 off on BS4 Scooters. And also BS4 Aprilia scooters nationwide.

    According, to last week’s report Piaggio dealership is offering discounts up to INR 40,000 on all BS4 scooters. Even if they are dealer level discounts, they sound pretty high. Now, we can announce the official discounts i.e. INR 15,000.

    The deadline for the implementation of BS6 was 1 April 2020. According to the order of the dealership. The company can sell only 10% unsold of the inventory of BS4 Scooters. Except for the Delhi-NCR during the 10 days of extensions. And this will come into effect after the lockdown has been lifted.

    The lockdown started on 25 March and will end on 3 May 2020. So, after considering the seriousness in the health of our country to the lockdown was increased from 14 April to 3 May 2020. After the increase in lockdown dates, the automotive retailers have to sell their scooters from 4-13 May 2020.

    So, the benefit from the supreme court’s of 10 days extension on the BS6 Scooters. Also, a discount of INR 15,000 off will given all BS4 Scooters. So, if you are planning to buy the scooters this is the best opportunity you have.

    BS 6 Aprilia and Vespa Scooter Lauches in India

    India has updated it’s Aprilia and Vespa BS 6 scooters stated by Piaggio. With higher displacements engine, the BS 6 scooters offer great performance over the 150 cc BS 6 scooters. The scooter contains 160 cc single-cylinder with air-cooled motors that pump 11 PS of pea power.

    Basically with the two premium basics engines at Piaggio in India, with 150 cc of Vespa models and 160 ccs of Aprilia models. The company provides higher performance with the Aprilia model.

    The specifications of the BS 6 Aprilia model continues with a pair of telescopic front forks. Also, with a single-sided spring at the back to perform the shock absorption tasks. Braking hardware consists to comprise a disc brake at the front.


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