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Biggest job In 2019! Valentino Rossi in an F1 car vs Lewis Hamilton on a MotoGP bike at Valencia

Nine-time MotoGP world champion Valentino Rossi and Formula 1 celebrity and several championship-winning Lewis Hamilton have given us the largest motorsport mashup to discuss.

Both swapped their racing machines forcing Hamilton and the Mercedes-AMG F1 automobile . Both required a variety of laps each other’s machines, together with Rossi taking on a different M1 MotoGP bike to the trail with Lewis.

“It Was cool to be outside on course and watch Valentino before me on precisely the exact same motorcycle,” Rossi said in a statement.

“I had been a major fan of Lewis’ earlier but now I’m even more. We had a day although motorsports’ two courses fulfilled but functioned. I felt just like a real F1 driver. I didn’t need the day.

“I rode the YZR-M1 on course with Lewis. It was a moment For the staff to talk about our enthusiasm.

Technically, Valencia is now and a track was windy his place on the M1 was so fantastic and so at one stage I believed it would be hard for Lewis to carry on, but he was brilliant on the bicycle. I believe he had plenty of fun that is the major thing.”

Adding to the, Hamilton explained:”It is so Amazing To find a legend such as Valentino. For finding the automobile for the very first time I’m excited for him. Reminds me of the time at an F1 car. When you see all of the team about you, it is only a different animal.”

If you have been trying to know the lap times Regrettably though – There were not any stopwatches and there aren’t any official Cable times for Rossi from the car on Hamilton around the MotoGP Yamaha.

Excited about this 2020 MotoGP season? Tests have been continuing And also the GP will probably be on 8th March in Lasail International in Qatar Circuit.

If you are tickets are now available to motogp.com Intending to grab the race that will see two Marquezs – Mark And Alex about the Repsol Honda team. This is just one race to look forward to the.


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