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    Black Panther 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And All News !!!

    Regardless of his character choosing death over bondage, Michael B. Jordan is more than willing to reappear as Killmonger in some form for Black Panther 2 if requested.

    In an interview with Good Morning America, Jordan spoke about his current Amazon Super Bowl firm performance as the fantasy bodily host of Amazon Alexa, his upcoming film Without Remorse, and his production company, Outlier Society, signing a current deal with Amazon Studios. Host George Stephanopoulos then asked the actor whether he would still have time to do in between all of these changes, noting that lots of people still wish to see him appear at Marvel’s Dark Panther 2.

    “I can not say a lot about that 1 man honestly, together with the year that we’ve had and the loss of a dear friend,” Jordan responded, mentioning the tragic death of Black Panther direct Chadwick Boseman. “They were figuring out whatever they should do and what is best for the franchise but, you know, they are loved ones and if I had a chance to get into that franchise, I would as well.”

    Michael B. Jordan’s casting as Eric”Killmonger” Stevens/N’Jadaka in Black Panther marked his third collaboration with manager Ryan Coogler and second important Marvel function after playing Johnny Storm in 2015’s critically panned Fantastic Four. Since the missing son of T’Challa’s uncle N’Jobu (Sterling K. Brown) and a former black-ops soldier, Killmonger hunted the Wakandan throne not only to avenge his father’s murder but also to force Wakanda to utilize their technologies to liberate the world from its international racial hierarchy, albeit during similar tactics as the oppressors. Jordan’s performance was praised by critics and audiences alike for its moral sophistication and empathetic motivation, with Killmonger being held up as one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s best villain characters.

    It is now unknown Black Panther 2’s narrative will progress following Boseman’s departure in 2020 from Phase IV colon cancer, an illness he withheld in the general public since being diagnosed in 2016. Marvel Studios has confirmed that they’ll not recast Boseman as T’Challa, with one possible theory for the franchise’s future being Letitia Wright’s Shuri supposing the throne as well as Dark Panther name in her brother’s absence such as she did in the comic book.


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