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    Black Summer Season 2 CONFIRMED…! Get to know the release date, cast and plot here

    Black Summer has been set for a renewal by Netflix. The show is actually a prequel for Z-nation and got released much before the arrival of Z-nation. And both the shows are somewhat similar to each other however, there are a few aspects that keep them distinguished from each other. Now let’s see what Black Summer season 2 will be all about.

    Will There Be a Black Summer Season 2??

    Production of the show began in 2019. But it got a hault due to some unknown reasons. And even now it is being delayed due to the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic. When will the shooting reprise is not yet known. We hope to get an announcement regarding the show’s arrival soon. So let’s hope for the best to come our way. We’ll be back with more updates so stay tuned to know the release date and other updates.

    About The Show

    Netflix comes up with really amazing shows and one of it is Black Summer. It is basically an apocalyptic fiction movie series. The show introduces us to rose whose role is played by Jaime King. She along with her crew have a mission to complete. They are searching for her daughter, Anna. She left her daughter due to some critical situation due to the zombie devastation.

    The time when she had to leave her daughter was very deadly. However, she also met some refugees there. Rose had to made some strict decisions on the way to unite the new world. She even had to murder some of her own team members and it was really a difficult act.

    Black Summer Season 2 Release Date

    Renewal of the series for a second season has already been announced by the showmakers. Streaming service of the show is none other than Netflix. There will be a total of eight episodes for this season however, no official announcement regarding the release date has been made yet. But as per our predictions we’ll get it late in 2021. Because 2020 has not been a good year for the film industry and production of many shows have been delayed, Black Summer season 2 being one of them.


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