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    Bloodshot Release Date, Cast, Plot And Trailer

    In Diesel, possibly thinking the Quick or Furious stuff was not silly enough, takes on the use of an unexceptional veteran soldier whose wife is (seemingly ) murdered before his very eyes, just before he is himself (apparently) executed. Wakes up at a private laboratory (run by a slumming Guy Pearce), a whole new cyborg with revenge in his mind.

    However, his rebirth entails quite a little more than, say, a limb or 2. No, his blood was substituted with millions of nano-bots that repair any physiological harm—kind of like that silver liquid Terminator.

    It isn’t till after he gets his inevitable revenge it slowly dawns on him (spoiler alert!) He is being manipulated into turning into a serial assassin. This wonky idea briefly entertained me, but only briefly.

    So, just your ultraviolent Universal Soldier, bionic Matrix revenge thriller; among those overcooked, suspense-free, back-asswards films where the plot only serves the battle scenes and the special effects. Angles for a sequel. I really don’t think so.


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