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BMW series 1, Z4, X6, and X7 against in the European COTY 2020

There has been some recent hustle in the car news world as the competitor’s list for the European Car of the year went out in the media. And we find that the Bavarian Automakers, the BMWs have got a strong position on the list with a squad onto it. The four models on the list are the new 1 Series, the new X6, the Z4, and the X7.

The competition comprises of voting. This will also be done in two stages. The first one is to declare seven nominees, which is going to be done on 25th November 2019. In the second round, decisions will be made regarding the winners of the award. This is to reveal on March 2n, 2020, on the auspicious eve of Geneva Motor Show.

Yes, you have been guessing it, too, right. The deliberation period is too long for a decision. This may end up having us surprised. Various factors are deciding the contenders for the shortlist, which is due next month, and we are confident of a variation in the choices from the panel.

The BMW line-up has got a significant variation in itself, contending for a stronger position itself. They are the variants of unbeatable qualities, strengths, and a lot more diversity. This makes them a great contender for the COTY 2020 European Award.

The BMW has been heard describing the 1 Series as the choice of youngsters, who have got away for themselves. And, despite being driven on front wheels, has got a good driving skill.. the Z4 has been described as a sporty rebel model. It has gained its attention due to the RWD chassis, the classic BMW driving agility, and excellent efficiency coming in with the great design. The X6 got a controversial plan and is entirely based on the success of its predecessors. The beefy look of X6 is all about technical advancements, not only on display but also felt during the drive. The X7 is a luxury SUV. It had been long-awaited by the BMW fans. It is a most excellent example of premium customization and got a more fabulous image as a high riding vehicle.

And still, with these on the list, BMW got to wait a little more for the results, and we, too, have no good thing to do…


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