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    Bugatti Chiron Sport Edition Noire – The 250th Chiron

    Four years after the first Chiron made its way in the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, Bugatti is ready with the 250th Chiron. It is going for display in the 2020 Geneva Motor Show. The 250th Chiron is a Chiron Sport Edition Noire Sportive. Bugatti introduced this last year.

    This edition adds a ton of black enhancements to the Chiron. A matte black finish covers the exposed carbon fiber. Matte Black also covers the front spoiler, wheels, radiator grille and Bugatti’s signature C-shaped design line.

    The car’s titanium exhaust features a black finish along with parts of the engine cover too. Even the interiors are equally dark with black and matte black aluminum trim interior parts, black seats, switch-gear and more.

    “Reaching this mark in such a short amount of time is an amazing accomplishment that fills me with pride,” says Bugatti boss Stephan Winkelmann. “I am looking forward to the second half of the production cycle.” Fewer than 100 Chirons are still for sale with 150 of the remaining hypercars already bought by customers.

    Other Things Packed

    With the head-turning design, the Chiron Sport Edition Noire Sportive’s powertrain is equally impressive. The Chiron is packing a quad-turbocharged 8.0 L V16 engine capable of producing up to 1,600 horsepower. It has a starting price of $3.3 million. It is having a limited production run of just 20 examples of the Edition Noire set for production.

    Bugatti is displaying the 250th Chiron in its stand. It will not be the only Bugatti in the Geneva show next month. Guests will have the opportunity to admire the car.


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