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CABLE GIRLS SEASON 5: Finally Announcement Release Date, Story, Plot, And Much More!

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Cable Girls is a television show by Netflix. It’s a drama that has been set in the 1920s in Madrid. The series reveals four women’s lives. These girls start working for a telecommunications firm, which changes their lives. The company provides them some independence and also pay. These girls become friends, meanwhile working on this business. The series was set to be revealing problems faced by girls of that moment, in the 1920s. They also tried to rise within a male-dominated society.



The season split into two parts, with each comprising six events and consists of 12 episodes. February 2020, the first part was released on 14. We expect the second half of this show to be released in the summer of 2020.


The trailer upgrades are up. Click the link to watch it:


The Principal cast involves:

Blanca Suarez as Lidia Aguilar
Ana Fernández as Carlota Senillosa
Nadia de Santiago as Marga Suarez
Ana Polvorosa as Sara Millan

These play with the lead roles from the series and will be a part of the season with other people.


The show was set to be in the olden times. It is mostly expected to deal with real issues that bothered Madrid’s course. Which are most likely the Spanish Civil War? The girls are expected to have to leave their group in tatters. We do expect them to make up and reconcile.

There will upgrade about any advancement concerning Cable Girls Season 5.

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