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    Capcom Has Revealed Resident Evil 8, Click Here

    Capcom has revealed Resident Evil 8: Village to much fanfare, with rumors swarming the internet to find out every clue and concept they can derive in the Resident Evil 8 trailer. While there are many theories concerning specific predictions containing Resident Evil 8 storyline, there is perhaps additional insight to be gained in looking at recent rumors.

    Given that the trailer affirmed lots of Resident Evil 8’s previous rumors to be accurate, it might be worth considering the possibility that other unconfirmed rumors might be true as well, and, in that case, Resident Evil 8 may bring the series’ narrative into a full circle finally. The Resident Evil games may traditionally be divided into three different story arcs between the main matches, which possess their particular infectious experiments mainly separate from one another, albeit some loose connections, such as shared protagonists.

    Resident Evil’s 3 Origin Stories And Plot Arcs

    For example, Resident Evil 1-3, as well as Resident Evil 0, 6, and Code Veronica, all featured the story arc manifested from the Resident Evil’s notorious T-Virus, that Umbrella obtained from a particular flower that only grows in a secret cave in West Africa. Next, Resident Evil 4 and 5 featured monstrosities created in the Las Plagas parasites that came from a covert underground cave in Spain. Except Albert Wesker and Ada and Krauser to a level, the principal antagonists in Resident Evil 4 and 5 also had their origins different from the T-Virus.

    Resident Evil 5 heads into some particularly strange land with a narrative arc that’s one of dualism, as Albert Wesker, Resident Evil 5 main villain, was attempting to unleash the Ouroboros virus on the world, which stocks lineage exclusively with the T-Virus arc, or more especially, the earlier Progenitor virus. At length, Resident Evil 7 rolls into entirely new waters again, introducing players into the fungal experiment known as the mildew as well as the Eveline project in Resident Evil, with roots that are still mostly unclear.

    In short, these three-story arcs could be described as the Las Plagas, the T-Virus, along with the Mold arcs. Interestingly enough, only a couple of weeks before the release of the Resident Evil 8 trailer, developers from Resident Evil 3’s team formally confirmed the Nemesis’ narrative was changed in Resident Evil 3 Remake to connect the storyline to the Las Plagas parasites in Resident Evil 4. They confirmed that the Nemesis Parasite, which was responsible for turning a Tyrant to the Nemesis of Umbrella Corporation, was designed to mimic the Las Plagas parasites.

    This usually means that Umbrella was conscious of the Las Plagas’ presence and contains some unknown link. In short, this also confirms the Nemesis villain is a fusion of the T-Virus as well as the Las Plagas parasite lineage of dangerous experiments.

    Now that the Las Plagas parasites and T-Virus narrative arcs are interconnected, along with a Resident Evil 4 Remake is rumored to be in the functions, Resident Evil 8 can bring the three main story arcs to a full circle by describing the roots of the Mold and weave it into the fabric of Umbrella’s dark presence throughout the Resident Evil universe, specifically the Las Plagas and T-Virus household of experiments.

    Resident Evil 7 never fully clarified how the Mold’s psychic abilities work, or even the Eveline job’s mysterious roots. Given that the Las Plagas parasite shared with a mechanism that is similar in its capability for the Dominant Plagas host to communicate with followers, there is ample room to tie the roots of the Mold into the story arcs of the Las Plagas and T-Virus backgrounds.

    The Mold’s Origins

    After all, Umbrella’s presence looming over Resident Evil 8 is all but confirmed in the trailer, as a quick snippet indicates the Umbrella emblem upon what seems to be a classic-style Resident Evil puzzle. And Ethan, that had been infected with the Mold in Resident Evil 7 could still take its presence in his bloodstream, which could probably be significant in Resident Evil 8. In reality, only after the two-minute mark at the trailer, there is a brief clip showing one of the characters drawing blood from it and potentially biting Ethan’s hand in the first-person view. But, there’s absolutely no way to confirm if that is Ethan since Resident Evil 8 is rumored to feature three playable characters.

    It is also worth mentioning that Resident Evil lore has confirmed that the H.C.F. paramilitary organization, belonging to longtime antagonist Albert Wesker, had a part in the research and creation of the Eveline project in Resident Evil 7, also assisted the mysterious group that it belonged to famous just as The Connections. While this does not imply Albert Wesker always had direct involvement, it might speak volumes for the most recent rumor about Alex Wesker’s return to Resident Evil 8 within an antagonist.

    In the deadline of Resident Evil’s ago, Alex Wesker was famous for overseeing projects on several islands owned by Umbrella, where she turned them into mortal playgrounds and real-life simulations to test her subjects and bio-weapons within. This was the storyline for Resident Evil: Revelations two, which was set in an island where Alex Wesker was testing her T-Phobos virus to identify suitable offenders for more advanced experiments.

    Resident Evil 8 village, which appears remote and encapsulated within a range of hills or valleys, would appear to be a sizeable experimental park for Alex Wesker. Additional her keen interest in experiments that aim hosts’ minds look fitting for Resident Evil 8’s psychological-horror leadership and rumored hallucinatory cognitive effects, in addition to the psychic properties of the Las Plagas parasites along with the Mold too.

    Resident Evil 8: Bringing It All Together

    Resident Evil 8 could very well leave space for the inclusion of this Nemesis Parasite in some function within the storyline. One important thing to note is that the emblem shown from the Resident Evil 8 trailer looks similar to some Las Plagas parasite, or some of the pests generated by the Nemesis creature in Resident Evil 3 Remake. One difference is the existence of what appears to be a large head with a surgical scar on it, which also makes it resemble some fetus.

    Resident Evil 8 includes themes of dark and occult terror, at least on the surface, and frequently, these comprise issues of fertility. From black goats, witches, weird symbols, and symbols that Ethan and Mia have a baby in Resident Evil 8, topics of the occult resonate strongly here. And in looking intently at the strange emblem in the Resident Evil 8 preview, there seems to be a scar on its mind with stitches inside, as if it was possibly operated upon.

    It is crucial to keep in mind that while the Las Plagas parasites at Resident Evil 4 and 5 have to be injected in the neck or orally consumed by their hosts, the Nemesis Parasite, on the other hand, is surgically implanted into the mind. The Nemesis has the scar on its head. Additional like the Las Plagas parasite, the Nemesis Parasite also has European origins, in which Resident Evil 8 appears also takes place. Furthermore, Umbrella’s European centers in Resident Evil were focused on experiments that exploited the brain or retained intelligence.

    Given the time of this revelation by Capcom developers, the Nemesis conveniently fuses the lore of the Las Plagas and T-Virus story arcs together, and there is room for speculation that Resident Evil 8 could be the ultimate cocktail of all Resident Evil’s most diabolical experiments. This is further supported by new rumors which assert that zombies will probably be returning to Resident Evil 8.

    Resident Evil 8 certainly appears ambitious in its direction, and hopefully, it will answer some of Resident Evil 7’s most pressing questions, such as the function of Chris Redfield in Resident Evil 8. But perhaps just as pressing would be Resident Evil 8 potential to provide increased insight to the lore and canon of Resident Evil’s past, as well as future, and tie it all together.


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