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    Dispute on IIHS findings from AV Developers

    There was a suggestion from An Insurance company about self Driving Vehicles. They claimed that only one-third of all US road crashes can be put to prevent by such driverless cars. And the companies making these self-driving cars are criticizing this insurance company. They argue that the study of these insurance companies highly underestimates the capabilities of their technology.

    The study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety went on to analyze 5000 U.S. car crashes. And they came up with this disputed conclusion. They claim that only those crashes, which are caused by driver perception error and incapacitation can be prevented by self-driving tech. And these counts only for one-third of those crashes.

    This expression saw a quick response from the autonomous industry. They say that their vehicles are designed and programmed to prevent a vast number of crashes. And these may include even complex crash scenes and errors. This may be the inadequate or incorrect evasive maneuvers. According to partners for Automated Vehicle Education, they can prevent up to 72 percent of these crashes. A group also responded that it was speculative to determine the crash rates and their avoidance rates. But some companies like General Motors still claim for Zero Crashes from their self-driving cars.





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