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    Dollface Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Know More

    Dollfac season 2 is among the most exciting shows coming in 2019 to Hulu and it speaks to girls in a personal manner. The show follows the story of a woman, who, quite recently, got separated from her boyfriend of many years and is currently trying to get back on track with all the friends she lost track of during her connection.

    Manufactured by Clubhouse Pictures LuckyChap Entertainment, and ABC Signature Studios,’Dollface’ season 2 is a testament to all of the women who have knowingly or unwittingly put their relationships over their friendships, only to regret later.

    Release Date:

    The comedy web series is set for release on November 15 through Hulu.


    The Hulu show narrates the story of a bunch of friends through Jules’ eyes, that has been dumped by her boyfriend. It makes her understand that she’s lost lots of her girlfriends on the way as heartbreaking as the ditching is. Together with the intent of fixing this, Jules tries to reconnect them with all.

    Others aren’t, while a number are quick to forgive her. She wants to figure out how to make forgiveness and trust. She also has to socialize with groups of women, which seems like a job due to the hurdles created by her imagination.


    Kat Dennings of’2 Broke Girls’ celebrity will be seen portraying the part of the protagonist Jules, while her all-female posse will include former Disney star Brenda Song’s Madison Maxwell,’Pretty Little Liars’ celebrity Shay Mitchell’s Stella Cole, also crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ star Esther Povitsky’s Izzy.

    The other notable members of the cast include Amilla Bella Shelley Hennig, Malin Akerman, and Goran Vidnjic.


    The series is created and executive made by Jordan Weiss, who’s currently making her debut with dollface.’ She previously worked as the assistant to the executive producer of’People of Earth.’

    Joining Weiss in the executive are Brett Hedblom Stephanie Laing, Bryan Unkeless, Scott Morgan, Nicole King, Academy Award Margot Robbie, and the star of the show, Dennings.


    Brenda Song, Kat Dennings, and Shay Mitchell starrer’ Dollface”s trailer were released on October 16. The Hulu show’s trailer includes Dennings as Jules, who ends up at Madison Maxwell’s (Brenda Song) door because she’s assaulted by her boyfriend of half a decade, Jeremy. Jules asks him about all their plans when her boyfriend tells her that he wants to end their relationship. Like the retreat at Lake Tahoe or Ramona’s wedding and also her boyfriend points out that the retreat is coordinated by his business and Ramona is his sister. This indicates how Jules does not have any life of her, and that her plans revolved around family, his friends, and her boyfriend. After breaking up with him, Jules starts to observe things and this includes a cat lady (Beth Grant) who drives a bus, literally a woman with a cat face at the driver’s seat!

    The series executive sees Jules recognize that within the five years that she was in a relationship, she has lost touch. Courage is finally built by her and knocks on her friend Madison’s door after enough and five years, Madison can see that Jeremy broke up with Jules. The series reestablish her friendship, will see Jules reevaluate relationships and learn new things not being a buzzkill. All of this, in addition to Jules’ thoughts that imagines these situations perform make, will make’Dollface’ an entertaining show.


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