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    Ducati S2R 800 has been updated a brand new

    We adore a nice custom motorcycle around here in RideApart. Take this Ducati S2R out of Kickass Tuning, a custom store in Estonia. If you’re thinking maybe they have taken a beautiful Italian bike and created it more Italian, you are not alone, and then you are appropriate .

    This bike began its life among the lesser-known variations of the Ducati Monster–the S2R 800. Like its pre-2015 siblings, an air-cooled L powered it. This one, however, has a high-zoot slipper clutch and also an 803cc engine, in the rear when factory slipper clutches were a thing on road bikes.

    This bike wasn’t really a hit since folks who wanted small bikes went for the Monsters and people later raw, naked power went after the 1,000cc machines. The riders who coughed up the extra dough for Ducati’s Goldilocks Monster between 2008 and 2005 were not disappointed, though.

    The bicycle’s owner got a little carried away and brought it in their Estonian garage for a bit of a spiffing. The new paint job morphed into a subtle although fully customized job. Green paint on the gas tank accentuates forks and the wheels. The plan is pulled together in the Gucci-themed brown leather saddle as well as the gorgeous gold calligraphic-font”Ducati” name on the tank.

    Though those latter components have been gold powder-coated as are the wheels and forks, that single-sided swingarm is an original piece. The rear subframe has been expertly bobbed under that saddle. The great news about the S2R 800 is its classic styling prevents it unlike lots of its day’s other Monsters.

    The headlight is from a Ducati Scrambler, and also this S2R has been updated with a brand new aftermarket speedometer from Acewell and clip-on over its first handlebars. All in a gorgeous satin black, those super sexy low-profile bar-end mirrors, complete the appearance of the cockpit. The fender cut down or has been replaced. The rear fender, as with customs, is altogether missing.

    The only wart on this bicycle that is otherwise-stunning is that exhaust. The silencer that the garage has gone with resembles a home-made spray-painted last-minute blob, although it is correct that the original bright silver set of pipes would not have complemented this construct in the least.


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