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E31 BMW 850i Convertible Prototype: By Cancelled Project To Reality

The origins of this current BMW 8 Series Convertible might be tracked straight back into the 1990s if BMW mulled within the solution of offering an E31-based semi-automatic. Produced a one-off version as a portion of this undertaking.

Very little is understood about this endeavor since BMW strove to keep it behind closed doors as far as feasible. So what said without a doubt is the focus with the E31 8 Series Convertible began in 1989. And continued towards the conclusion of 1990.

The fate of this open-top 8-Series hidden because of the mixture of facets. The early 1990s saw Europe’s savings in eventful economic scenarios. Up on fear that the Series Convertible wouldn’t become powerful enough concerning earnings to warrant its high development and production costs. So the job never obtained the approval by the BMW top direction for string production.


What’s known for sure is that, when green-lighted, an E31 8 Series Convertible could have a drop-dead magnificent auto. By using a mind-blowing shape along with epic proportions. The Convertible was able to accentuate the absolute elegance and beauty of this 8 Series Coupe one step farther.

Probably, the Convertible could have been provided with the motor versions out there for the Series Coupe. The testbed for the job was that the 850i edition. Also powered with the 5.0-liter M70 V12 petrol engine, creating a peak output of 300 PS / 296 hp.

Imagine what a fantastic collector car would have been the 850CSi Convertible, for instance. Developed by the heavily manicured S70 12-cylinder aggregate. So the range-topping open-top 8 Series could have profited from a considerably increased powertrain and would’ve been capable of attaining a maximum output of 280 kW / 381 PS (375 hp).

Throughout the job, the BMW 850i Convertible prototype exposes to both indoor testings at the aerodynamic windpipe and outside, on street proofing. In a camouflaged ensemble such as every upcoming version.


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