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EazeGames Review – Does its platform live up to the hype?

What is EazeGames?
EazeGames is Europe’s number 1 real money skill gaming platform where you can win cash
prizes playing skill games.
EazeGames currently hosts over 10 games and has more than 200.000 gamers on their
How does it work?
You simply enter the website, and start playing. To compete for cash prizes you have to top
up your account. After that you are able to put real money stakes and play against others.
The winner takes it all. The platform itself takes a small percentage as service costs.
For those who enjoy competitions, there are several ways to join contests on EazeGames.
There is the Eazecup, a scheduled competition where the prize pool increases the more
players join. And there is the Daily Competition, where you can join for free and sometimes
win real money prizes.
The games are fast paced and fun to sink your teeth in. easy to learn but hard to master.
On the platform you are matched with players of the same skill. This means you always play
against someone of the same skill, making it fair competition.
Some of the titles EazeGames currently has on their platform are:
– Free Kick Shooter
– Bubble Shots
– Fruit Crush
– Helix Glass Tower
– Color Pin
– Tower Stack Classic
– And more
They add new game titles about every 1-2 months.
Can you really win real money?

The top players on the platform have won over 20.000 euros, showing that apart from a
good time, EazeGames is also a way to earn real money.
Once you’ve won enough money you can choose to withdraw your earnings to your bank
account. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 euros and the maximum amount is currently
10.000 euros per withdrawal. The processing time of withdrawals takes 1-5 working days.
In conclusion
In short, EazeGames is legit. You can really win serious money playing fun skill games. Be
sure to give it a try and see if your skills are good enough to earn real money!


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