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Engine Chief Andy Cowell to leave team: Mercedes

Andy Cowell, the person is a gem we all know. He saw the V6 hybrid power unit production. And it won for six consecutive double world Championships for Mercedes. But now, he is going to leave his role as the Managing Director.

Cowell heads the Mercedes- AMG High-Performance Powertrains for the last seven years. He worked for Mercedes for 16 years in total, and now informs the reigning champion of his departure. It is for a long time, when Cowell, also lend a hand in the Cosworth Johny Herbert, won the 1999 European grand Prix with Stewart. He also let hand to the BMW engine that powered Williams for almost four wins in 2001. He works with Mercedes team Principle Toto Wolff and many other notable names. And he truly defines a new management structure for the company.

Coming to his successors for the position, his responsibilities are to be split among team leaders. And Hywel Thomas will be having control ver managing Director. He will be having the overall responsibility of the F1 Power Unit. Toto says that their key to success is from the leadership of Andy. And he is going to assist the new role for a few time till 2021 begin. It will help in a smooth transition for the company. He will also consult on a major project for the upcoming 2021 season. His leadership in HPP is really helpful for the Mercedes team, and they honor it.


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