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    Everything About Tesla Model 3 its attractive looks, features, and other things you need to know !!!

    Tesla Model 3 is a one of the electric Four doors fastback Sedan manufactured by Tesla Company. It has dual motors all-wheel drive (AWD Models) with compact executive car class D.

    Available with different electric range and batteries for various purposes such as

    Standard Range – 354 Km

    Standard Range Plus – 402 km

    Long Range /AWD with upgraded performance – 481 km

    Mid Range – 425 km

    Long Range /AWD – 518 km

    Long Range RWD – 523 km

    Each trim provides a different driving range with power produced from an electric battery.

    It is known as the world’s most selling plugin electric car in 2018 and 2019 also, in the United States.

    But it received lots of positive reviews and responses from the customers and records best-selling plugin cars in—Europe in 2019.

    In March 2020, Tesla Model 3 became popular. The world best selling electric car in history with more than 5 lacks units delivered.

    Features that fit with Indian Roads condition

    According to real experience,

    It’s good to listen; you can drive up to 330 km in just a single Recharge due to its best electric batteries.

    You can buy Tesla model 3 according to your driving expectations. It already introduces different trims with a driving range, which enhances the driver experience.

    You can see the starting of the article where you see range details along driving ranges.

    It is glad to say that Tesla model 3 made according to the Indian Roads condition that became a better driving experience anywhere.

    And This is equipped with Energy harvesting shock absorber, and a unique hydraulic shock absorber comes for together Standby batteries.

    Tesla Model 3 consists of A petrol engine that provides comfortable driving experience in any road condition. Such as break down situations.

    The Tesla Model 3 delivers excellent features and driving experience in the budget of luxury electric vehicles. It is perfect for the money you spend.


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