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Everything You Know About Last Chance U Season 5

Last Chance U has its own uniqueness as there are no more shows of sports documentary genre available on the streaming service, Netflix. We are introduced to the World Junior College American Football in the series. And it revolves around the sports events that take place in the different colleges of the place. Four successful seasons of the series has already premiered and a fifth one is going to hit the screens soon. Keep reading to get the full details about Last Chance U season 5.

When Will Season 5 of The Series Hit The Screens?

So let’s finally unveil the actual thing that you were searching for. 28th July, 2020 is the release date for Last Chance U season 5 that is basically titled as Last Chance U: Laney. The season will have a total of eight episodes and the good news is that all the eight episodes will release in one go. Hence, the fans do not need to wait much for watching the amazing sports show.

Which College will Last Chance U Season 5 Mainly Focus On?

East Mississippi Community College was the one on which the first two seasons are focussing. And then for season three and four the college on which the focus went was Independence Community College. It is in Kansas.

Now again in season 5, there will be a change in the college. And Laney College in Oakland, California, will be the center of attraction for this season. The team of this college will compete with California Community College Athletic Association. It will not be similar to the JUCO league that help in Mississippi and Kansas.

Last Chance You Season 5 Storyline

The Laney’s will be competing against a team that is forcefully playing the match under pressure of regaining their title. Moreover, they are even injured. Whereas, the Laney’s want to win the championship like they did in 2018.

There’s also a trailer for Last Chance U season 5, which will give you a basic idea about what season 5 is going to bring for us.


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