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Everything You Know So Far About Bachelor In Paradise Season 7

Bachelors of Paradise, an American television series, which had enthralled a great audience in the last 6 seasons is up to set yet another milestone with the upcoming season 7. The audience has quite liked the concept of unacquainted men and women meeting each other and spending time together making love.

When will the show go on air?

On August 5, 2019, the ABC production house was up to revive the next season ie season 7 but it has now been halted due to the worldwide health crises on account of the coronavirus pandemic. The awaiting audiences are counting on days for the show to be on air.

Who would supposedly be cast?

The show’s cast remains a mystery however it could probably cast the ex-contestants Bibiana Julian, Cam Ayala, Clay Harbor, Demi Burnett, John Paul Jones, and Tayshia Adams according to the rumors, along with Chris Harrison as the show host. It may also include new faces to unravel more thrill among the audience.

Fascinating plot disclosure

There is no such plot to be disclosed, but the reality show would be filled with twists and turns entangling the cast as well as the audiences.

Ratings of the show

It has been rated 5.2/10 by IMDb, 7.2/10 by TV.com. Besides the official ratings, the American mob pretty much likes the concept of the reality show.


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