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    Everything You Need To Know About Marvel Phase 4

    The iconic and the most loved by fans, Marvel is going to get back with its phase four of the MCU, Marvel Cinematic Universe. Except for the movies, the TV shows are also equally popular. But since the release date of Black Widow got shifted from 1st May, 2020, it is quite obvious that even Marvel Phase 4 will be delayed. Announcement regarding the shift in the dates was made by Disney on 3rd April, 2020. In addition, it also revealed that the new release date for Black Widow is 6th November, 2020.

    Unfortunately, the rest phase 4 movies are also getting affected due to this delay and this has made the fans quite upset. Moreover, even the Spiderman 2 movie has been postponed by sony. And this, as a result, has affected the release of several other movies. The question right now is which of the two will arrive first, Black Widow or The Falcon and the winter soldier. Because if the latter one comes before then there are chances for phase 4 to start on Disney+. Now let’s see what happens because it’s quite a tough task to predict one.

    Well, there are some excellent news regarding phase 4. As we saw that Iron man and Captain America died in Avengers: Endgame, thus the upcoming phase 4 will introduce us to some great new superheroes like The Etarnals and Shang Chi. Rest of the superheroes like Doctor Strange, spiderman, Scarlet Witch etc. Are going to reprise their roles.

    On the other hand, if we look forward to the TV side, The Falcon and the other winter soldier will be the beginning of phase 4 on TV. The most interesting fact is that, this will be the first time when a TV show will play a major role in MCU.

    Some other parts of phase 4 that will follow The Falcon and the Winter soldier are WandaVision, Loki, What If… and Hawkeye. About which we’ll be discussing further so stay tuned.


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