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    Everything You Should To Know About The Batman Movie

    Director Matt Reeves formally declared filming has begun on The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson. Warner Bros. and DC Movies have attempted for many years to get a brand new solo Batman film off the floor. Initially conceived by Ben Affleck, the movie now comes from the head of Matt Reeves and will present the world to another version of Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, as played with the former Twilight celebrity.

    Over the last couple of months, there were continuous updates on The Batman since Reeves found his intriguing new cast and declared their developments on social networking. Since there, many are eager to eventually get a chance to watch Zoë Kravtiz’s Catwoman, Paul Dano’s Riddler, and more in costume. That is why put photos from The Batman’s production started to excite lovers, with Colin Farrell’s Penguin look, believed to be part of their early reveals.

    Now, Reeves has verified on Twitter that The Batman is officially filming. Production is happening in London, and Reeves commemorated its start with a photograph. It affirms that The Batman is the title (at least now) and provides an early look at a potential logo for the film. Check out Reeves’ post below:

    With Reeves declaring that now is the start of production on The Batman, it would seem that previous set photographs may have been out of second-unit filming, which happened before everybody else could record. Regrettably, for those keen to learn as much about the film as possible, Reeves’ post isn’t as revealing as they could have hoped. Whereas James Gunn declared the full cast list for The Suicide Squad when production was about to start, Reeves maintained his post easy. Since he has already confirmed the most talented cast members, him carrying a different approach is clear.

    The start of filming will only construct more anticipation for the final show of Pattinson from the Batman suit. WB/DC and Reeves will likely reveal a picture official in the coming days or weeks if they expect the possibility that the lawsuit could be captured by place photographs first. Whether or not that does happen remains to be seen, as they hold off the reveal for a convention this season such as San Diego Comic-Con or CCXP and could try. But, with roughly a year and a half to go before The Batman arrives in theaters, there is loads of time for Reeves to keep generation and ultimately reveal more about his brand new take on the Dark Knight.


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