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    Everything You Want To Know About Resident Evil 8 Game

    Following the release of Resident Evil 3 Remake, Capcom programmers confirmed the origins of this Nemesis’ production have a direct link to Las Plagas parasites in the lore, only weeks before the release of the Resident Evil 8 trailer. Mainly, this includes the Nemesis’ parasite, which Umbrella utilized to change a Tyrant monster into the Nemesis.

    While lovers do not yet know precisely if or how Resident Evil 8 could link itself into Resident Evil’s previous story arcs, including the T-Virus and Las Plagas parasites, the trailer makes it reasonably obvious, Resident Evil 8 occurs somewhere in Europe, possibly the Caucasus, in which Umbrella needed a center, eastern Europe, or France, the latter of that Umbrella had another center.

    Umbrella Europe

    Even though Umbrella’s American centers were concerned with producing bio-weapons which could put out massive amounts of damage or chaos, Umbrella’s European facilities were concentrated on bio-weapon growth that maintains high intelligence in its subjects, which is the reason why the’ Nemesis’ parasite was made there and sent over to the US.

    Since Capcom has confirmed the Nemesis Parasite better called the Nemesis Alpha or NE-α Type–was biologically engineered using the Las Plagas parasites as its base model, it could be deduced that Umbrella had understood concerning the Las Plagas parasites at least as far back as the late-1980s. Here is the time frame when Umbrella tested the NE-α Type on its first test subject, Lisa Trevor. Additionally, this is long before the events of Resident Evil 4, when fans previously supposed Umbrella had no idea nor any connection to the Las Plagas parasites’ existence.

    Given the village in Resident Evil 8 appears old and the Umbrella emblem in the trailer indicates the corporation has long held some shadowy existence in this village, there should be some speculation that Resident Evil 8 will provide fans further insight into Umbrella’s actions in Europe throughout the Resident Evil deadline. About the Nemesis Project became one of Umbrella’s fundamental focal points for research in the late 1990’s to be able to finish the Tyrant Project, a Resident Evil match set in Europe with historical tie-ins to Umbrella must provide some insight into Umbrella’s biggest project before their collapse.

    The Mold – A Link?

    The weak-link within this theory is Resident Evil 7’s independence from the rest of the series’ story arcs thus much, as it introduces a new Mold fungus that takes more hosts to become puppets to a leader, in this instance Eveline. But the Mold itself is also mysterious in its origins, which leaves Capcom to readily fill in the blanks and perhaps connect it to the T-Virus or even Las Plagas narrative arcs, each of which are currently becoming entangled in the lore, due to changes in the Nemesis story.

    If Resident Evil 8 creates an origin story for your Mold that can connect it to the T-Virus or even Las Plagas parasites, or both, then the whole Resident Evil series may finish a complete circle finally. And while there isn’t any hard evidence, yet, to ascertain which kind of infections will plague Resident Evil 8’s village, there are some new aesthetics that surely look reminiscent of Las Plagas-based experiments.

    There’s a symbol shown at the Resident Evil 8 trailer with some creature within a circular emblem with four crow’s wings decorating it. The monster looks like a human fetus in the developmental phase, and what looks to be a surgical scar in its mind. The round logo appears to seem like an embryo. It’s inside of. Given that the Nemesis Parasite has to be surgically implanted in the Tyrant’s mind, and experiments concentrated on brain functions would be the focus of Umbrella’s European centers, there can be a few important clues into the roots of this Nemesis Project in Resident Evil 8.

    Furthermore, there are even rumors of a Nemesis-like monster at Resident Evil 8, which will take the form of some witch who uses swarms of insects in her command.

    There are already some signs in the lore, which suggests the Mold from Resident Evil 7 may link to previous story arcs. Firstly, it was created as a team project with Albert Wesker’s H.C.F. paramilitary organization. While H.C.F.’s precise function in creating the Mold is uncertain now, it might appear to be an obvious suspect that the numerous samples of Umbrella’s lab experiments could have contributed, which H.C.F. and Albert Wesker have their hands on overtime.

    Additional RE8 Rumors

    Additionally, Alex Wesker is rumored to be coming as an antagonist at Resident Evil 8. Even more, recent rumors suggest Resident Evil 8 will explain the foundation of this mysterious organization that generated the Mold, called The Connections. Whether this insight includes H.C.F.’s function in the matter, then there is a strong chance the Mold’s origin story can be linked to previous story arcs, especially given that Umbrella’s existence is all but confirmed from the village of Resident Evil 8’s setting.

    Resident Evil 8 could also answer long-standing questions regarding why the Nemesis Project was quickly abandoned in Europe after the events in Resident Evil 3 Remake, provided that other projects continued. If a connection is written into the lore on given that the Mold was created shortly after the Raccoon City tragedy in the timeline, Umbrella saw it as a replacement or even a development of the Nemesis Project.

    Whatever transpires from additional revelations from Capcom, Resident Evil 8 will undoubtedly keep fans talking and theorizing. In the very least, Resident Evil 8 should ideally provide a solid insight into Umbrella’s actions in Europe over time, and it ties the string into past titles handily. Resident Evil 7 introduced more questions than answers in the end, but hopefully, Resident Evil 8 answers these questions and gives more insight into the Nemesis Project.


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