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    Extracurricular Season 2:Plot,cast,release date And All the latest information

    Extracurricular is a South Korean Drama on Netflix. The series follows the genres of offense and drama. Kim Jin-Min is this show’s manager. The series is fresh on Netflix, and it has taken the stage that is streaming by storm. The season left many queries that are going to be replied in Extracurricular season 2 to fans.

    The manufacturers published the first season on the 29th of April 2020 on Netflix. It had approximately ten episodes.

    The Plot-

    The narrative revolves around the protagonist, Ji Soo’s life span. Ji Soo is a child studying to make ends meet. To cover his tuition fees to make money, he has involved with criminal actions. Also, he ends up committing crimes. However, he could go Scot- free. All hell breaks loose for Ji Soo when his life is known about by among his classmates and begins blackmailing him.

    The series has mysteries, secrets, and points at which the manufacturers have given justice.

    Since there are many unanswered questions and puzzles from the season, There’ll be a second time to the series.

    The Twist

    • Park Joo-hyun
    • Kim Dong-hee
    • Jung Da-bin
    • Nam Yoon Soo
    • Choi Min-soo
    • Park hyuk-kwon
    • Park Bo-mi
    • Oh Kwang-rok
    • Kim Yeo-jin
    • Im Gi- hong
    • Park Ho-san
    • Kim Young Pil
    • Kim Kwang-kyu
    • Woo Da- bi

    About Season 2

    Neither has the Network nor possess the founders given any information about this show’s next season. So it is safe to presume that we will not be receiving another season anytime 30, the season has arrived on Netflix a couple of days back.

    The reviews for the series have been great up to now. Regardless of the high levels of violence, most of the series have been adored by individuals. Students have found that the content relatable. The k- play is ideal’ staying at home’ season!


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