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    Ford: Ford Mustang Mach-E to gain new features with wireless updates

    Ford has added a new over the air update system that will enhance its Mach-E electric crossover of its life.

    The wireless software tweaks made anywhere. So are said to be virtually invisible to the owners of Mach-E. It is taking less than two cases in some cases. However, complex updates that require more downtime can schedule a convenient time, such as the middle of the night.

    So Ford expects the first round of over the air updates to roll out to Mach-E owners within six months of the first customer deliveries. Owners will notify of the latest update which activated using wi-fi or cellular connection.

    Ford Mustang Mach-E


    Cost Of The Ford Mustang Mach-E:

    The price of the standard range rear-wheel-drive Mach-E is from euro 40,270. The car gives a target range of 280 miles from its 76kWh battery and puts out 254bhp. The extended range version costs euro 9730 extra and has a 99kWh battery pack for 370 miles. With a power output of 281bhp.

    So that price places this extended version Mach-E just below euro 50k. Necessary to qualify for the euro 3000 government plug-in car grant.

    The models start from euro 46,750. With the 76kWh battery and range reduced to 260 miles. So the extended range version starts from euro 56,950. Also with a 335 mile quoted range boost up to 332bhp. The company has started taking pre-orders, with a deposit of euro 1000.

    Cost Of The Ford Mustang Mach-E


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