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God Of War 5: Expected Release Date, What Will Be Storyline? How Kratos Gonna Die?

God  Of War 5

God of War is a mythical action-adventure video game series created by David Jaffe at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio. It is now a brand flagship title for the PlayStation brand, consisting of eight matches across multiple platforms and first launched on the PlayStation 2 video game console in 2005. The sport has a gamer fanbase and is a must-have for each gamer- novice or professional.

When is it releasing

The oy supported news is we are currently getting a sequel. God of war is going to happen!

Santa Monic or Sony Interactive Entertainment has not given any official updates. The team is developing the game for its players.

God of War PS4 took four years to create. But we can expect another level never to make this much time.

We could get our movie game together with the speed the project is happening.

How will Kratos die

God Of War 5

Well, we don’t think Kratos will perish in God Of War 5. Kratos is the participant of the game and the main protagonist.

Finishing Kratos means finishing God Of War. Many men and women buy PlayStation due to this game.

But you never know. We’ll get to know more about the theme after the release will come closer. We can expect it since the launch is much away.

Are we getting New weapons

Well, there can be new weapons! Though not much is known about the game as of today, we could speculate.

We can become new combat weapons that have surprising powers. The team is going to have a lot of brainstorming to perform!

Until God is published, let’s dwell on God of War 4, guys!

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