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    God of War 5 Release Date, Cast, Plot And Every Detail

    The most awaited game, God of War 5 is making the gamers go impatient. The first part of the game launched 15 years ago and an updated version of it came in 2018. Now it’s finally time for the release of God of War 5. Keep reading to delve into the knowledge of what new adventures the game brings for you.

    Although the developers haven’t confirmed anything about the game yet, but there are a lot of predictions and rumours buzzing around through the internet. There also a trailer of the game available which has been successful enough to create huge hype about the game.

    God of War 5: When Is It Going To Release?

    God of War released with the launch of PlayStation 4. Thus, there are predictions that even God of War 5 will come with the launch of PS5. However, these are merely guesses. The game’s development community haven’t talked anything about its arrival yet.

    But the fans need not to get upset. According to the reports, Sony Interactive Entertainment or Santa Monic will soon announce the date of launch. There’s a delay because Battle Deity’s series has taken a decision to broaden. Thus, the game will come with a lot of additional features that the gamers are excited to know.

    Details About God of War 5

    Although not much has been revealed by the makers yet, details regarding the game was taken with the help of its teaser. On June 14, 2020 Santa Monica posted a posting of the project. However, you need some knowledge of 2018’s God of War to understand it. The post suggested some details about the battle system, mechanics and rivals in the God of War 5. But one thing is sure, and it’s going to be more adventurous and more fun than the previous installments.

    But it got removed after a few days. There might be a change in their plans. But the gamers do not need to get upset, and there are news that development of the game is on its way. And the franchise is trying hard to deliver it to us as soon as possible.


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