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    God Of War 5: Release date, Gameplay, Storyline and Much More!! Thor Will Fight Kratos Who’ll Win?

    David Jaffe generates the game at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio for PlayStation. The makers have been releasing the game to the PlayStation for years.

    God Of War 5: Release date

    As of now, the programmers haven’t announced any official release date for God.

    God Of War 5: Storyline

    In the game, we witnessed the death of Baldur following the intense struggle with Kratos and Atreus.

    Also, towards the end of the game, we finally discover the Norse God “Thor.” So we can guarantee that the match will participate in us.

    Additionally, many rumors are surfacing on the internet that the fifth game will be tagged “Ragnarok.” Which means the beginning of the end.

    Along with this, we might also encounter Ferya (The Villian). In God Of War 5, she’ll be seen fighting with Thor and Odin.

    God Of War 5: Gameplay

    As I have mentioned that the game is still in the development mode. So we don’t have the specific particulars about its gameplay.

    But we can anticipate it to be somewhat similar to the preceding games, with some slight changes here and there about the animation and the characters.

    God Of War 5: Thor Will Fight Kratos Who Will Win?

    We do know that Thor is going to be a part of the upcoming video game. So the question is who is going to win the fight between Kratos and Thor.

    A majority of the people are gambling on Thor since Thor has ceased an entire building from moving within the hole and has drafted plenty of villains.

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