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God Of War 5: Release Date, What’s New About The Gameplay? Will It Come For PC Too? And Other Games Missing From The Ps5 Reveal

Following months of hype that comprised a somewhat lackluster specs demonstration, the console has been fully revealed by Sony on Thursday in a significant demonstration. And despite several exciting games like Resident Evil 8, Project Asia, and also a Spider-Man sequel starring Miles Morales (!), there are several names that are hype-worthy which we didn’t get.

When Is God Of War 5 set to release?

Cory Barlog is the manager of its just as per his tweet and the game God Of War as he requested the players about which game sequel they would love to see on PlayStation 5, we are hopeful to get God Of War 5. Additionally, as per reports. We are aware that God Of War 5 is in the early phases of its development and as such it might be prepared to release in the year 2022 and not.

What’s new about the gameplay of God Of War 5?

God Of War 5 is not delayed because of the shortage in the team members but also because visually God Of War 5 will be produced exceptional than its versions. Also arriving for PlayStation 5 will try to create it live up to the expectations of the console.

Will God Of War 5 come for PC too?

Just after the launch of God Of War 5, we would be able to say as the popularity of the game has a part if it’s going to be accessible for PC too.

Everything else about God Of War 5

Back in the match, God Of War 5, we are going to watch Atreus, Kratos, and Thor also in it as the primary characters from the storyline of the match.


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