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Godzilla Vs. Kong: Spoilers, And Gossip Related To And The Hole Isn’t Plugged;

Rule number one: don’t ruin the film. It’s possible to post rumors and theories, but you better not spoil too much or Warner Bros. and Legendary might hear you.

That apparently is what happened as the online forum the Toho Kingdom removed posts by Sayaka, the anonymous leaker that has been posting details of Godzilla vs. Kong for months.

Toho Kingdom posted in the GVK ribbon on Wednesday the”topic has definitely gone from rumors full-on escapes ” Translation: there were grains of truth to the information Sayaka shared.

One user in _JNavs_ wasn’t allowed them to know during the afternoon and pleased with Toho Kingdom’s actions Wednesday how unfair and rash he thinks the entire thing is.

“So who is beginning the Only Fake Spoilers ribbon,” he continued before blaming a single man for Sayaka’s prohibit:

He makes some good points. One person can ruin it for all, and if that which a forum implies by”spoilers” is rumors, say so and be apparent.

Godzilla vs. Kong

Sayaka (who they refer to as a”he”) was deemed a very trusted source for YouTubers and G-Fans digging for dope on Godzilla vs. Kong that does not have a trailer yet. It will not allow for a little while delay.

He leaked things about Mechagodzilla, the heights that goad Godzilla and Kong into a struggle the battle lasts, the works.

Maybe at Legendary or Warner — thought it was too loud of a bell to keep 28, Along with his reporting must’ve been relatively accurate. Sayaka has a relationship there so he could have gotten in trouble on that front or might be a worker of WB.

As nothing is solved by it, honestly, barring Sayaka is moot. If his articles for the studios presented an issue, they put a band-aid onto it. The hole isn’t plugged; leaks will still come out in drips and drabs.

The transfer of all of Toho Kingdom here proves is the line between what you can and can not share is fluid in addition to thin. Much like the proverbial goalpostthey move it at their convenience or if caving to the slightest strain.

We here are different since we, on the other hand, will continue to deliver all the latest news, rumors, spoilers, and gossip related to Godzilla vs. Kong, which comes our way leading up to what’s hopefully its firm and unchanging release date in 2021.


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