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Good Girls Season 3 Releasing Date, Cast Everything With The Latest updates on Netflix!

Good Girls series is an American television series based on crime, comedy-drama, and fantasy stories.

These series are created by Jenna Bans and premiered on NBC platforms on February,26,2018.

And co-produced by Jenna Bans, Jeannine Renshaw, Dean Parisot, Mark Wilding, and Bill Krebs.

It premiered by joint production Minnesota Logging Company and Universal Television on NBC network in HDTV video game quality.

The starring actors are working in the series such as Mae Whitman, Christina Hendricks, Manny Montana, Retta, Lidya Jewett, Reno Wilson, Matthew Lillard, and Isaiah Stannard.

The Plot of the Good Girls Season 3

The story revolves around the three suburban mothers, which of two are sisters.

They wanted to become rich fast and decided to rob a supermarket because they could fulfil their needs and dreams.

But they tried to rob a supermarket, and unfortunately, her successful robbery attracts the store manager’s attention.

After that, he able to recognizes those of one woman; they worked together for only achieve the money.

The Cast And Characters of Good Girls Season 3

Christina Hendricks acts as Elizabeth (Beth), a mother.

Mae Whitman acts as Annie Marks, mother of Sadie(Ben) and Beth’s younger sister.

Retta acts as Ruby Hill, the best friend of Beth.

Reno Wilson acts as Stanley Hill, the cops of Ruby’s mall.

Isaiah acts as Ben Marks, the Gregg’s, and Annie’s son.

Matthew Lillard acts as Dean Boland, Beth’s husband.

Lidya Jewett acts as Sara Hill, Stan’s, and Ruby’s daughter.

 Episode List of Good Girls Season 3

  • The first season aired on February 26, 2018, consists of ten episodes.
  • The second season aired on March 3, 2019, includes thirteen episodes.
  • The third season aired on February 16, 2020, consists of eleven episodes.

The previous season consists of many episodes which became very popular and top-rated series among the viewers.


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