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    Grand tour season 5 Release Date, Cast, Plot And Recent Update

    The Grand Tour is a British motoring television series, created by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May, and Andy Wilman.

    It was produced by Amazon exclusively for its online streaming service Amazon Prime Video and was first  premiered on 18 November 2016.

    When the program was launched, it followed a similar format to that of Top Gear between 2016 and 2019. It includes car reviews and timed laps, motoring challenges and races, studio segments, and celebrity guests, with the team using a studio within a large tent during this time

    Its first season was released on 18 November 2016 with 13 episodes, the second season was aired on 8 December 2017 with 11 episodes. The third season was released on 18 January 2019 with 14 episodes. The last and the recent one was released on 13 December 2019.

    The Grand Tour season one got a 90% rating from Rotten Tomatoes. The second season got a 57% rating, the third season got a 60% rating from Rotten Tomatoes.

    The Grand Tour Season 5 Plot

    Jeremy Clarkson recently revealed that another season of Grand tour is on its way.

    In its last season i.e. season 4  the gang traveling to a wide range of impressive locations, including Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore. Fans of Top Gear will remember Clarkson’s previous trip to Southeast Asia, where he triggers controversy in Burma.

    There has been no information released about where the Grand Tour gang will be heading in the upcoming season. But stay tuned for the latest updates.

    The Grand Tour season 5 Cast

    we will be seeing Clarkson for sure, the former Top Gear host can also be seen. Hammond and May are also certain to be seen at Clarkson’s side, extending the collaboration that has been in place since the early days of Top Gear.

    Hammond and May are also certain to be seen in season five along with Clarkson.

    Trailer updates

    There isn’t currently any date for the release of its trailer but as soon as the creators reveal any date will keep you posted.

    Release date of season 5

    There is not any official announcement of the premiere of season five. Stay tuned for all the updates.

    The Grand tour season 1-4 is streaming only on Amazon Prime Video.


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