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Gravity Falls Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything You Need to Know !!!

Gravity Falls season 3 is much awaited by eager fans. So much so, the rumor mill is spinning. Gravity Falls is a supernatural animation series based around the adventures of two twin sisters, Dipper and Mabel Pines. The show ran for two seasons with a third yet to be released. There are a whole lot of false rumors being spread about the next year. We’ve vetted all of the tales and swatted the misinformation for you. Get the real scoop right here!

Gravity Falls Season 3 Plot

Even though they may be twins, their personalities are anything but identical. Mabel, the funnier of the two, has a keen eye for both boy bands and boys. Dipper, on the other hand, is an anorak who wants to be studious and has a longing fascination which often gets him into trouble.

And then there’s Wendy. A love interest for Dipper but sadly it’s unrequited as she makes clear they’re only friends. Together with the character background in place, the summer vacations offer an exceptional chance for a trip. Not in the normal sense for two 12-year-olds but to the forests of Gravity Falls.

Upon arrival, their uncle (Grunkle Stan) convinces them to conduct the Mystery Shack; a location where tourists are charged exorbitant charges for fake exhibitions. While the cousins quickly realize it is a quick rewarding scheme, something else attracts their attention.

After one of those Shack’s workers, (Soos) refuses to advertise the area in the forests, the duo (at the behest of the uncle) takes action. In doing so, Dipper uncovers a fake tree containing a journal emblazoned with:’TRUST NO ONE.’ Indoors, includes knowledge of monsters and paranormal pursuits.

And nothing is ever the same again as they experience numerous adventures from cloning, time-traveling, to even confronting zombies. The Shack also has more to it than meets the eye. That’s why a person (Gideon Gleeful) with the support of a demon (Bill Cipher) is making moves to slip it.

In an endeavor to persuade government representatives about the mystery of Gravity Falls, Dipper resorts to conjuring zombies to prove that he isn’t insane. And things get deeper as the journal leads the duo to find the writer’s bunker. Then in a shocking twist of events, it ends up that the writer is Stan’s long-lost brother (Stanford Ford).

In an all-purpose show, their uncle appears blank. Stan is Stanley Pines, who attempted to recover his brother out of a trapped portal site. Given it was a mistake done by his own hands, Stan assumes his brother’s identity until he puts him back.

Having fought the deadly demon once, they face Bill Cipher once more. After linking to conquer Bill, the world is saved. With the conclusion of season 2, another show is not likely. The founder (Alex Hirsch) has shown that season 3 was not canceled but rather decommissioned since the series’s main talking points were concluded.

Otherwise, the main villain. The best enemy, Bill Cipher, had expired making him unlikely to go back. Secondly, with the secret of the journal, Shack, and Stan all disclosed, the plotline has come to a natural finish. While the love interest between Dipper and Wendy may be explored, the fact that they stay, intimate friends, is central to the spirit of this series. Alex supposed it to function as just two seasons, and that’s what we will get.

Gravity Falls Season 3 Release Date

So, when is gravity drops 3 coming out? The series hasn’t been commissioned to get a third year and it appears unlikely that it will.

Gravity Falls Cast

Dipper Pines played by Jason Ritter
Mabel Pines played with Kristen Schaal
Grunkle Stan played with Alex Hirsch
Wendy Corduroy played by Linda Cardellini
Soos Ramirez played by Alex Hirsch
Pacifica Northwest played by Jacki Buscarino
Stanford Pines played by J.K. Simmons
Bill Cipher played by Alex Hirsch


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