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Gravity Falls Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Know Everything !!!

Gravity Falls is one of the most intriguing TV animations which aired in the year 2012. It was created by Alex Hirsch and gained a lot of viewership within a short period.

It revolves around a set of twins specifically Dipper and Mabel who go to visit their Gruncle or Great Uncle in the town known as Gravity Falls.

They go there to spend their summer and for an enjoyable time, however, later they understand that the town is filled with bizarre and supernatural occurrences. Now, after season two and one catching success, we’re tracking the upgrades of season 3.

Gravity Falls season 3 plot.

Gravity drops series begins when two siblings — Dipper and Mabel decide to go to their Great Uncle to spend their summer holiday in the town of Gravity Falls. However, they wind up getting to know about the mysteries and also the eerie history of this town.

In the woods, they also find a diary that’s the origin of the adventures and their manual through it all. They get to know numerous secrets and eventually start their mark on each experience together.

Season two was kind of finalized by Alex. No, it was not the decision of the station or anybody else to close down the airing of this show but the founder himself. It seems that Alex himself had planned out the whole period of the series and it appears as though two seasons was how long he planned it out for.

Gravity falls season 3.

As we mentioned before, since, after season one and year two, the series was pretty much finalized, the release date announcement seems somewhat skeptical at this time.

However, there might be opportunities that the creators of the series to determine how large a viewership the show ended up collecting and may plan the third period too. Here’s hoping.


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