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Haikyuu Season 4 Episode 14 Read Here To know When Is It Coming?

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As They Go Toe-To-Toe with The Players in Japan, boys Will Face an Uphill Battle. Haikyuu is the one that comes to the mind of each sports anime fan when we talk about sports. Sports anime has ever been a massive hit among the anime, and Haikyuu is not any different. Haikyuu came into discussions after winning the 61st Shogakukan Manga Award in the Shounen class back in 2016.

Haikyuu Season 4

It has a huge fan following because of its own sports story as its principal motif is Volleyball. It is a pastime amongst lovers despite not being popular sports like football and basketball. Because of its elements like play and humor that’s generally not found in any sports anime, which makes it something outside the box. So that says a lot about it!

When Is Season 4 Episode 14 Releasing?

The series has come a long way. Haikyuu year 4 first half has been published in January 2020, and the other half was to be released around the summer of 2020, i.e., July.

But Regrettably, much to the dismay of many fans who were excited about another element, the creators of the show have declared that the creation was put on stop across the globe today because of this coronavirus outspread. Ergo, now there is not any official statement as to when the other half of the season 4 episode 14 of Haikyuu will air. Haikyuu

Plot Until Today

In the previous episode, the team from Karasuno High School reaches Tokyo and gets some practice at the gymnasium. Every one of the group members spends the evening before their first game in their distinctive manner.

Haikyuu Season 4 Episode 14: What Will Happen?

Deciding where the previous episode left off, after their first match against Tsubakihara Academy, our lead protagonist Shoyo Hinata realizes that he has brought the wrong tote to the stadium and is missing his sneakers. The majority of the incident 14 storyline is likely to be a flashback.

So their staff manager Kiyoko proceeds to retrieve his things. On her way around the world, she reminisces she looking at this while she has grown and joined the team as a supervisor and those bittersweet memories. She reaches the place just in time and catches Hinata’s bag and sneakers.

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