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    Haikyuu Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Recent News

    Haikyu!! is a Japanese shōnen manga series. The genres involved in the series are Comedy, Coming-of-age and Sports. The series is directed by Susumu Mitsunaka and Masako Satō and the producer of the show is Wakana Okamura, Toshihiro Maeda, Fumi Morihiro, Keiichi Tomura, Shinya Shinozaki, Tomoyuki Saitō, and Kozue Kaneniwa. The series has completed four seasons. Haikyuu made its debut on April 6, 2014 as season 1 with 25 episodes. It was then renewed for a second season which aired on October 5, 2015 with 25 episodes, season 3 on October 8, 2016 with 10 episodes and season 4 started airing from January 10, 2020 till present with 25 episodes. The series got a rating of 8.7/10 from IMDb and 8.6/10 from It is now available on netflix.

    Haikyuu Season 4 Cast

    The cast members from the previous seasons will be returning back for the new season. Till now there has been no news about the fresh faces to be seen in the upcoming season but we expect to see few. The cast includes Asahi Azumane, Koshi Sugawara, Tobio KagKageyama, Shoyo Hinata, Chikara Ennoshita and Ryunosuke Tanaka.

    Haikyuu Season 4 Plot

    The story revolves around a young boy who despite of being short heighted wants to become a volleyball player. The season 4 started airing on January 10th, 2020 and till now only 13 episodes. In the 14th episode of the season 4 will pick u from the previous episodes adventures. Stay updated with us for the latest details about the plot of the new season.

    Haikyuu Season 4 Release Date

    As we see the series made its debut on April 6, 2014. After a due wait now the series has been renewed for a fourth season. Seeing the current situation of the world due to the coronavirus pandemic we may expect a delay in the release of the new season. The season 4 aired back in January 10th 2020 with 13 episodes as part 1. The part 2 of the series is set to be airing around in October 2020. Stay updated with us for more details about the series.

    Haikyuu Season 4 Trailer


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