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    Henry Cavill’s Superman Return May Just Be Aquaman 2 And Much More

    Henry Cavill’s yield as Superman in the DC Extended Universe may just be a cameo at Shazam Two or Aquaman Two. Except potentially coming to record dialogue for Justice League’s Snyder Cut, Cavill’s future as Kal-El was murky at best. That is why fans were excited as it was reported Cavill was in talks to reprise Superman. Nevertheless, this would not be for a Man of Steel 2; Cavill would look as a guest in a coming DC movie – though not Wonder Woman 1984, The Suicide Squad, or The Batman.

    Considering WB had no further plans for the Superman of Cavill, it has interesting things have changed today. With details tightly under wraps, viewers are now speculating which DC movie Cavill’s Superman could be in. There are a couple of intriguing possibilities on the desk, but audiences should not expect to find a good deal of him Cavill returns.

    Based on Variety’s Justin Kroll, Cavill would have a cameo in “a film where he has past ties with the title character” Those would incorporate Aquaman 2 and Shazam two. Have a look at his tweet in the area below:

    Of the two titles mentioned, Shazam 2 seems like the safest bet. The first Shazam film already featured a Superman cameo, so Cavill popping up in the sequel may be a continuation of that story thread. It may be interesting to see him have a brief conversation with Billy Batson at a crucial juncture in the narrative (akin to a Star Wars Force ghost) or at the end to congratulate him and his family on a job well done. Aquaman 2 is not from this query, but Shazam two is possibly the organic fit to incorporate a brief Superman appearance. Right now, it’s difficult to piece together without coming across as blatant fan services or shoehorned, the way the Superman cameo could do the job there. If the long-awaited Superman yield of Cavill was nothing more than a distraction, it would be unsatisfactory.

    It’ll be interesting to see if the cameo of Cavill is a one-off or a springboard into something more. A Man of Steel sequel may not be in the cards today, but these plans could conceivably change – especially if Cavill’s upcoming appearance is well-received. As evidenced by the Snyder Cut formally coming to HBO Max, WB listens to the fans and when there’s enough support, they can proceed on something. Perhaps this is going to be a test to see what the public desire is to get more content that is Superman. When it’s at Shazam two, Aquaman two, or something different, Cavill fans have something to anticipate.


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