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    Here Some Latest Updates On Netflix’s ‘Castlevania’ Season 4!!!

    Netflix announced the return of its animated series Castlevania to get a fourth season in March and now founder and writer Warren Ellis has more.

    Posting to his official site, Ellis explained a call with Netflix at which the achievement of Castlevania season 3 was discussed.

    That’s fantastic news for now 4 of the series and might even guarantee a season 5 down the line. Almost as striking is that Ellis does not anticipate a launch date delay for the upcoming year because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

    Ellis expressed hope that the success of the series might have a salutary impact on cartoons generally.

    While Trevor Belmont (Richard Armitage), Alucard (James Callis), and Sypha Belnades (Alejandra Reynoso) successfully murdered Dracula (Graham McTavish) at the end of year two, it’s hard to keep a good vampire down. In season 3, the monks of Lindenfeld tried to resurrect Dracula, but instead found Dracula reunited with his dear wife, Lisa, in hell.

    But while Dracula may be out of the deadly realm (for now), the vampire Carmilla (Jaime Murray) still plots to take over Wallachia, with her Council of Sisters controlling the power of Hector (Theo James), Dracula’s devil forge master. With Hector beneath Carmilla’s control, she has power over Dracula’s nighttime animals. A disillusioned Alucard also appears to be following more and more in his dad’s bloody footsteps. Many dangers lie ahead in the upcoming season.

    Carmilla and the Council of Sisters have large plans that may unfurl in Season 4 of Castlevania.
    Which isn’t a market production, but something with an audience of (stops, sees Netflix sniper gun scatter )… many, many millions. Ellis said, end with his gratitude to everybody for viewing.

    While the season of Castlevania does not have an official launch date, the gap between seasons 3 and 2 has been roughly a year and four weeks, indicating we might see season 4 episodes of this series premiere on Netflix in July of 2021.


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