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    Here’s Hyundai Venue Flux, a trim available only in South Korea

    Hyundai has a tight grip in the Indian market with its large lineup. Hyundai’s Creta, i20, Venue, and others have been quite a success. But it has a new attractive look in South Korea, that we will surely want for India too.

    Hyundai Venue being the entry-level vehicle to crossover SUV is quite a popular choice. It has a starting price of $17,250 and ceilings at $23,270. It is not a massive one but has a great stance for a crossover, also it is smaller than the sibling Kona. Being the smallest crossover in the Hyundai’s lineup, one of its selling points is its funky styling that appeals to a younger set of car buyers.

    About the new trim in South Korea, known as Hyundai Venue Flux, the crossover debuts a hot-stamped front grille that begs to differ from the normal Venues. With the hot-stamping process involved, the new grille features an intricate design that’s reminiscent of more luxurious brands. The new front fascia kind of align with the quirkiness of the crossover. It carries an acid yellow/ grey combination that suits the vehicle.

    Although all the changes are aesthetically and the base engine remains the same 1.6L engine. For now, the new trim will remain limited to South Korea and has no news of its availability for the  US market or Indian market as well. But such a trim will be easy to sell off in the South Asian countries like India.

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    Rishabh Chugh
    Rishabh Chugh
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