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    Home Before Dark Season 2 Release Date, Cast ,Plot And New Details

    Home Before Dark is a famous show that streamed on Apple TV+ and was very much liked by the viewers. What interesting about this show, other than the amazing acting by the cast and the storyline, is that it is a real story of a young journalist, name Hilde Lysiak, who solved a murder mystery when she was just 9 season old. This fact fascinated the viewers even more and there was a demand for the next season of the show. Let us know more about the show as to the cast, plot, and the release date of the show.


    The first season of the show was aired on 3rd April this season, which was very much liked by the audience.
    Though the release of the second season is yet to be known, we can expect it to be out by late 2021.


    The old cast of the show will definitely return including the lead cast, i.e. Brooklynn Prince, in the role of Hilde Lisko. Jim Sturgess and Abby Miller will play the role of Hilde’s father and mother respectively. Kylie Rogers as Hilde’s elder sister Izzy Lisko and Mila Morgan as her younger sister Ginny will also return to Season 2.
    Apart from these, several new characters are also expected to return in the new season.


    The end of the first season left the viewers with several unanswered questions as to Richie’s body not being found in the van and, as Hilde suspected Richie might have escaped the drowning car. Also, there was no clue as to who hired Zeke to kidnap Richie.

    Season 2 of the show is expected to answer these mysteries and even create some more unanswered puzzles. We currently have to wait for more to know as to what will actually happen in the second season.


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