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How about the 2019 Honda Civic? Speak with facts

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From the first generation of Honda Civic in 1972, after decades of years, the 10th generation CIVIC (Civian) in 2019, as the iconic model of Dongfeng Honda from the product era into the brand era, perfectly explains the brand spirit of “stay ahead.” The biggest feature of the Civic is the sporty style. Today we will talk about the 2019 Sports Edition Civic.

The 2019 Civic is painted in black and includes a front grille banner trim that surrounds the lower air intake and rim. The new tenth-generation Honda Civic further enhances the sports kit of the body. Yellow with a black air intake grille makes the car more youthful and sporty.

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The side profile 2019 has virtually no change in the Civic and continues the slip-down design and low coupe shape. The 2019 Civic has a very small black tail at the rear and an intermediate exhaust pipe. The new Civic has a body size of 4658mm/1800mm/1416mm and a wheelbase of 2700mm. The interior of the 2019 Civic has not changed. The Civic seat is like a super-running feeling with a wide field of vision. The upper and lower parts of the center console are wrapped in soft material and the stitching process is added. The central wood grain plaque is also unique to the 1.5T model. The sporty 1.5T model adds front airbags, front and rear air curtains, reversing radar, reversing images and other practical configurations.

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The 2019 Sports High with Civic is equipped with a 1.5T engine + CVT gearbox or a 6-speed manual gearbox. In general, it can be seen that in addition to providing excellent performance in terms of power level and fuel economy, the 2019 Civic also enhances the performance of the sporty atmosphere.

The 1.0T engine is not recommended. Although the configuration has been greatly improved, it is equipped with the Earth Dream engine. It has had engine oil problems. In addition, some problems in the crash test have caused some uncertainty in the 1.0T engine.

When purchasing this car, there are several problems to be aware of: 2019 Civic all-cars are equipped with only two airbags, which is worthy of study on safety and stability. Secondly, compared with the National Sixth Edition, the national five models are more cost-effective.

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Some, so considering the economic benefits, can be purchased before the implementation of the National Sixth, in the long run, it is obvious that the country is more appropriate. When purchasing a new Civic, you can’t give up high prices due to some configurations. The better vehicle configuration can play a more practical role in the later use of the vehicle while also ensuring the comfort and safety of the vehicle.

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