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    How much auto insurance do I need

    Auto Insurance is also known as car insurance, vehicle insurance, and motor insurance. its major use for financial production against the physical damage or bodily injury in a road accident. Auto Insurance gives protection to the vehicle’s owner against any unfortunate events, for example, accidents and damage of a car.  It is mandatory to pay all the financial expenses to the other party according to the law. Most states give the mandate of personal auto insurance and they provide some financial protection in case of an accident. Auto insurance gives the car owner a vehicle’s amount in case of an accident or theft.

    • Auto Insurance provides the following coverage.

    1. Property. The insurance company has the responsibility to pay for your financial burden due to theft or accident of the car.
    2. Liability coverage. This type of insurance is most required in the USA  for legally driving a car. If you have lost your property or you have bodily injured, it is the legal responsibility of the company to give your insurance amount.
    3. Medical. Bodily injury medical treatment facilities also give the insurance company. Due to the importance of auto insurance, an important question arises what is the cheapest car insurance?

    Types of auto insurance

     There are the following types of auto insurance.

    1. Collision insurance. The collision insurance covers your car damage after the accident. Due to this coverage, the insurance company may pay for the repair of the vehicle.
    2. Comprehensive car insurance. This type of insurance may give an extra level of insurance. In this comprehensive insurance, damages due to the accidents with the animal or weather condition are considered and the insurance company provides an amount to buy a new car.
    3. Uninsured motorist insurance; uninsured motorist insurance permits you and you can allow an uninsured driver to drive your car.

    4 Underinsured motorist insurance. many drivers choose to carry the minimum penalty coverage to save wealth. Underinsured motorist insurance insures you at the stage when you do not have enough money to buy a new car.

    1. Medical payment range. Medical cost following an accident is costly.  The medical payment range covers the medical treatment.

    basic categories of insurance depending upon the cost;

    1. Expensive car insurance. If your car insurance is so expensive follow common factors with high rates. Commonly expensive car insurance must include your age, driving record, and comprehensive coverage option to permit your application for the expensive car insurance.
    2. Cheap auto insurance;

    If you are looking for cheap car insurance then you have reached the perfect place. the cheapest car insurance will require minimum coverage to your state. ln many states, this is the minimum amount paid to the state to avail minimum coverage.

    factors that affect car insurance;

    The following factors are making car insurance is too expensive.

    Insurance  company;

    The insurance rate depends on the insurance company. If you buy expensive insurance, you have to pay a large amount of premium but the insurance company consider all the option available to give you an easy way of payment

    • Your age and your gender;

    Younger drivers pay more amount as compared to the old drivers and they also pay a higher amount than the women of the same age.

    • Where you live;

    The car insurance policy also depends upon the state where you live. if you live in the state of Michigan, a car insurance policy is more expensive as compared to the auto insurance of Maine.


     auto insurance and  its necessity in this era ;

    When you are buying your first, vehicle or buying a new car, try to protect your investment. Selecting the right insurance company is the first step. Many questions in your mind are likely to be about the insurance provider, rates, and policies. Every state has different types of insurance policies. The US has an average policy of $1483 per year but this policy can vary from state to state based on the local coverage, you need. Your geographical location also depends upon your auto insurance. It is easy to know the best way for your insurance requirements. you should know all the insurance companies rates and after getting all the information compare with each other to select the best one. Avoid adding extra points or coverages which you do not require in your policy and pay for only the coverage you need. Your driving record also impacts your insurance. so you should try to improve your driving skills

    • Conclusion;

    The cost of auto insurance generally depends upon the location where the car has been manufactured for many years,  its model and driving history, and much more. Auto insurance also depends upon your age, marital status, and gender. Your driving record also refers you to pay how much insurance amount every month. How much auto insurance do I need  Is depends upon your vehicle amount. So it is mandatory to know about the agreement to get expensive or low-cost auto insurance.  Always try to buy insurance or collision damage waiver from those companies near you. Your driving record should be very efficient and improvised. You should pay your insurance installment on time.




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