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    How Much Does a Home Depot Rental Truck Cost?

    Several renowned agencies like Home Depot offer rental trucks in various sizes to cater to different moving and transportation needs. The rates for these trucks vary based on the truck’s size, rental duration, and location. The fleet includes smaller pickup trucks, cargo vans, and larger box trucks. The box trucks come in different dimensions to accommodate more oversized items and furniture.

    When choosing a rental truck, it’s important to consider the dimensions of the box truck and the items you plan on moving. This helps ensure that your items fit comfortably in the vehicle and reduces the risk of damage during transit. If you are unsure about the Home Depot rental truck cost, here is a quick guide.

    Factors that decide the Cost

    Home Depot rental truck cost is excellent for those who need to move items from one place to another. The company provides a wide range of trucks for rent at competitive prices, making it an excellent option for anyone needing to transport items on a budget. Several factors influence the cost of renting a truck from Home Depot.

    • The truck’s size is the first factor that affects the cost. Smaller trucks are generally less expensive than larger ones because they use less fuel and require fewer resources. The truck’s size will also determine the number of items that can be transported in a single trip.
    • Another factor that affects the cost is the location of the rent. Home Depot has locations throughout the United States, and renting a truck closer to the destination will be less expensive than renting from a more distant location.
    • The length of the rental period is also a factor in determining the cost. The agency offers discounts for longer rents and returning the truck on time. Customers should also be aware that there may be additional fees for additional mileage or for exceeding the rent period. If folks want to hire the box trucks for 75-80 minutes, they need to pay $20. People who need the vehicles for 24 hours must pay $130. The company will charge $900 for a weekly rent.

    Folks who need the bucket, dump, or broom trucks can rent the vehicles from the company under a lower budget of $34 for one day.

    • Finally, the type of rental agreement that is selected can also affect the cost. Depending on the type of agreement chosen, there may be an additional cost or discount associated with the rent. The company offers additional rental agreements depending on the type of vehicle and the length of its transporting period.

    These are some of the several factors that influence the expense of renting a truck from Home Depot. By considering these factors, customers can find the best deal to meet their needs.


    Home Depot rental trucks are a great way to move items quickly and efficiently, but it is crucial to ensure you get the right size and box truck dimensions for your needs. The Home Depot rental truck cost varies depending on the size and type of truck, making it essential to check the rates before renting. Doing so can ensure that you can complete your move efficiently and at a reasonable rate.


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