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    Hyundai expects Indian Tata Nexon EV-riding SUV in 2022

    Hyundai electric SUV is heavily located to have a range of 300 km. It also looks at a battery manufacturing plant in India.

    To our market, Hyundai Motor India focused on another mass-market car. Since the launching of their first compact EV-the Kona crossover at Rs 23.7 lakh in India.

    Speaking to our sister publication Autocar Specialist. On the sidelines of the launch of the new Creta, Seon Seob Kim, MD, and CEO of Hyundai Motor India said:

    “We are designing a mass-market EV. Which will an affordable model for the Indian consumer.” The carmaker had previously announced plans for an affordable EV in July of last year.

    Stated By Kim:

    “Over the next two years. We will launch the car. It will be a manufactured-for-India. Made-in-India company that could be sold to other markets where it meets the specifications.”

    Ground-up architecture, the modular base for combustion engines or hybrid models.

    Hyundai today announced a ground-up SUV will be the next EV. Although built specifically for electrification. The platform’s versatility would also require placement in a traditional fossil-fuel.

    While it hopes to get the drug into the market by 2022. The organization says it is currently conducting numerous talks and agreements within the’ new landscape with prospective manufacturer partners.

    Commenting on the potential cost, Kim said, “It’s too early to decide the price point, but when it comes to the mass market, our attention is on the real-world driving range. It’s going to be over 200 km somewhere between 200 somewhere 300 km everywhere.

    Also as Hyundai Motor India sees fair progress with the Kona (331 units in eight months before the end of January 2020). The fact remains that only a few environmentally conscious consumers will agree it is a CKD product with a price point. The newly released MG ZS EV also contradicts the Kona for a comparable vehicle footprint by a large Rs 2.70 lakh and has also got off to a good start.


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