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    Hyundai Genesis GV90: Looks Like a Cadillac Escalade Rival, Everything We Know

    The Genesis SUV revolution will start from today when the GV80 arrives. But we have other titles to learn, as the luxury brand that is Korean is looking into a flagship too and was working on the GV70.

    And this is Exactly What it Might look like You can ever want at a price that’s more affordable compared to a BMW X7 or even Mercedes GLS hopefully. The 7-seater marketplace is booming right now, and Hyundai is aware of this because it created the Palisade.

    However, the GV90 may or may not be related to that, even though Genesis is Owned by Hyundai. We’re getting vibes from this rendering, Almost like we’re dealing with a truck-like vehicle rather than a super-large crossover.

    There is plenty of those around, and now, GM is the automaker to Beat, because the all-new Escalade is only around the corner and promises to have more of everything.

    Hyundai has access to one of these SUVs too Mohave, which got a refresh. It is not unusual to re-engineer Them turn into luxury vehicles. Look at how popular the Lexus LX 570 Or the Infiniti. They’re all ugly, but popular in certain corners of the world, like Russia or the Middle East.

    New engines are already being developed for jobs such as this. The 3.3-liter turbo V6 will be replaced by a 3.5-liter in roughly a year with Power going up by 10 hp. Meanwhile, the 3-liter V6 will probably be swapped for An inline-6 diesel.

    At this time, the GV90 is a rumor rendering. It may require more or two years to grow, in which time If Genesis is as good at creating SUVs as Hyundai or 15, We are going to find out.


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