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    Hyundai may launch Starex MPV or Santa Fe SUV in India in 2021

    Hyundai has a product in the A, B and C segments in India. In almost every category. Now, with the Starex MPV 2021 or the Santa Fe SUV 2021. It is aiming to re-enter the D market.

    Hyundai is targeting models in India like the Kia Carnival and Toyota Fortuner. So, now wants to re-enter the D market.

    Hyundai is eyeing models in India, such as the Kia Carnival and Toyota Fortuner. “We’re really closely researching. For the possibility of making something in that (D) section. As this statement given by S Kim recently PTI. As they attempted to join the category several times during the past. But was unsuccessful. Because of various factors told him. So, he was referring to the second and third generations of the Hyundai Santa Fe. Which was available in the region.

    The fourth-gen Hyundai Santa Fe released in February 2018. As receives an early facelift in May 2020. The third-gen Hyundai Starex expected to debut in the months to come.

    According to the source:

    A fourth-gen Kia Carnival mechanical cousin. An asset to enter South Korean dealerships in July 2020.

    In the past, the fourth-gen Hyundai Santa Fe was rumored to have been on India’s cards.

    The new study says that the 2021 Santa Fe mid-size Crossover. So, the 2021 Starex minivan will be launched by Hyundai in India next year.

    Hyundai Santa Fe, so the fourth generation, is India-bound, says Puneet Anand of HMIL

    Speaking to IndianAutosBlog exclusively last week, Puneet Anand, Sr General Manager. Disclosed that the fourth-generation Hyundai Santa Fe is India-bound. HMIL may have had a change of heart as earlier sources ruled out the launch. On the Indian market of the South Korean carmaker’s flagship SUV.

    Over the past 17 years:

    More than 400,000 Hyundai Santa Fe units have sold in Europe. In India, however, demand was lackluster. With a hands-down winner, the Toyota Fortuner.


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