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    Hyundai To Enhance The Production Voume Of Chennai Plant, Claims To Use It For Export Purpose For Next 3-4 Years.

    Hyundai is one of the key manufacturers when it comes to the Indian automobile sector.

    As per the latest news from sources, Hyundai is facing some production issues with its existing plant outside India, so to cater the needs of both domestic and export market over the next few years by adjusting the production volume of the company, Hyundai Motor India plans to utilize its current manufacturing facility in India.

    As per reports from the company, it’s Chennai plant is close to 98 percent capacity utilization, and thus it is an important factor to see how the manufacturing plant will able to cater to such a huge load.

    A chief official of the company said that for time being Hyundai ruled out synergies with Kia Motors in the manufacturing process, which could prove to be one of the possible options.

    According to Hyundai Motor India Limited, MD and CEO SS Kim told in an interview that for the short term, say for, about the next 3-4 years, the production capacity of the company can be managed by leveraging domestic and export volumes.

    As the demand for the Indian market was low, the company increased its export volumes to the other countries, the official added.

    According to the reports provided by the Korean automaker, they exported about 1,03,300 units to overseas markets during the April-September period this year.

    The major countries where the company exports its vehicle are Africa, Middle East, Latin America, Australia and the Asia Pacific and other 90 countries as well.

    To elaborate on the preventive measures, the company got a solution to use flexible production lines, as well as the introduction of other smart procedures, would help the company to achieve its targets, to satisfy the needs of both the Indian and international markets.

    According to the company officials, HMIL has already increased the capacity of the Chennai plant by 7.5 units per annum.

    Not only the 98% capacity utilization is going to be given to the facility, so now with more smart solutions and flexible lines, but the production may also be enhanced up to 8 lakh units.

    The officials added that this will all support us in our future endeavors and projects as well.


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