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    Hyundai Veloster N With New DCT Gearbox Featured

    The eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox exercised as an autocross track and road program.

    Hyundai’s dual-clutch gearbox for its Veloster N proved to be quite a very long time coming. We watched prototypes testing the brand new eight-speed installment at the Nürburgring for quite some time. However, it had finally made recorded on April 20. Together with Coronavirus still affecting a lot of this Earth. So the introduction probably was not as fantastic since Hyundai was originally intending. However, there a distinctive drive event held in South Korea for local journalists to sample the exact SemiAuto installment.

    2020 Hyundai Veloster N DCT Drive Keys

    Therefore, the above-mentioned video in Asian Petrolhead requires us all together for sexy laps at Hyundai’s updated hot hatchback. The activity happened at Everland Speedway, at which a brief autocross class created for drivers to sample many different details of this Veloster N’s upgrades. Parade laps sections of their 2.7-mile class were also held. Allowing participants to test the exact hatchback at marginally higher rates.

    The bonus will not originate from the skate, yet. The video explains the numerous manners for DCT-equipped models, that may comprise fully automatic or manual variety. In direct mode, changes implemented with paddle shifters on the tire. A launch controller can found in format. And also the video shows exactly how effective so it’s at having the Veloster N moving. Once moving, the DCT generally seems to perform sharp changes that are very quick. Just as we enjoy rowing equipment. So there would no deny that the rate of the DCT.

    We’re patiently awaiting the own turn driving of this brand new DCT-equipped Veloster N. The automobile is slated to continue the market in South Korea this season, but we likely won’t find it well in summer at the very first.


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