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    It’s Probably Pointless To Keep Farming These Weapons In ‘Borderlands 3’

    Borderlands 3 is still in kind of a weird place right now in that I am not quite comfy farming…anything until we know more about a guaranteed forthcoming record of nerfs.

    Right now should be the time we are farming the extremely powerful weapons from that occasion before it goes off on June 4. We all know that those firearms are evaporating in case the anointments introduced with the Cartel content are currently remaining, but it doesn’t feel like a good idea to ditch too much time into farming them.

    The problem? Gearbox has announced that the June 4 patch will nerf shields, enemy health, and armor in Mayhem 7-10 fairly significantly. And while a few underused weapons will probably be receiving fans, they’ve also stated that overperforming weapons will get nerfed, which no doubt means a selection of those Cartel weapons which, with certain anointments, are already tearing up Mayhem 10 even at present health worth. Also, I think this applies to some of the newest Mayhem 6+ weapons.

    Here’s what I do not think it’s really”secure” to farm Now, given the forthcoming nerfs:

    Cartel weapons:

    Sand Hawk

    There might be more than this, and I don’t know what I would select in the general loot pool. Depending on or even Hellshock or Ion Cannon, Perhaps Nukem.

    For your Cartel weapons particularly, I guess you can keep farming them just in case that Gearbox nerfs them and they still wind up being strong options, but generally, when nerfs come they come hard so that I wouldn’t be amazed to watch OPQ System, for instance, be nerfed to be useless as many Atlas ARs following a pass, or even Yellowcake to be far from the room-clearer it’s now.

    The problem is I buffed until June 4 itself, which puts the next fourteen days in complete limbo and don’t know if we’ll get information. I don’t want to waste my time with a grind for material that isn’t going to be helpful, and also throw off, which is currently looking at firearms that are underused and anointments. So at this time, I believe the right play is to have a rest and see where we are if the dust settles in the initiation of the new Takedown on June 4.


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