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    Jeep Wrangler VS Mercedes G class: the two icons against for show

    The most well known and luxurious car which gives you comfort and style on the off-road trip, if you are an American, is the Jeep Wrangler. This is the icon amongst all for go anywhere types and has got an excellent capability, especially in Rubicon trip through the country.

    And if you talk of people around the globe taking a ride, they may seem to prefer Mercedes Benz G Wagen.

    This rugged SUV is another one of the styles which come with a military heritage that’s an off-road icon with its air and symbol, among others. It creates its own aroma in the queue.

    The military heritage G Wagen by Mercedes has become a symbol of Luxury than being the prowess of off-pavement trips.

    Jeep Wrangler has got the 1998cc An automatic eight type transmission petrol engine and has reached a five-seat capacity. It has gained immense road presence and torquey diesel motor, but the gearbox is a bit slow to react and has got a 268 bhp and 400 Nm and has got four-cylinder petrol motor. The car also has an LED display and a touchscreen infotainment system.

    The new Wrangler is taller more full and has got more ground clearance. The turn lights have been repositioned, and the model featured is the door mounted on the rear tires.

    The new SUV is having a removable roof and door and a fold-down windshield configuration.
    While the Mercedes G class comes with an automatic transmission and petrol engine, which gives a hp of 438 and has got a V8 cylinder and a displacement of 3982 ccs, the top speed has been claimed to be 220 km/ has got a trendy lighting system with Multibeam Led, high performance steering wheel and excellent braking system for better handling. .

    There is also a sliding sunroof for more air and more light if you like it that way. It also comes with various packages like ambient colors, night mode, and exclusive interior designs to have you the best-suited one and that suits your profile for the best.

    Furious Mad
    Furious Mad
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